What's up everyone, I'm a huge fan of UG community for the many tips I've received from many of the members over the years, so I figured to show appreciation I'd go ahead and give out my EP strictly to the UG community!

As an explanation of what I do so you have an idea of what you're getting into before you download it, I'm a video-game soundtrack artist (I'm currently soundtracking a couple indie games, Sierra, Pulse, and Reverence), who found a lot of homage in metal at a young age and shifted towards the electronic scene as my soundtracking career started to develop, and now I've brought the two together and produce a mix of Electronic Rock and Electronic Metalcore, similar to a lot of the artists found at FiXTstore (dot) com ^_^

I go by Jade Shocks, so if you enjoy what you hear feel free to look up my pages on facebook and soundcloud and stick around ^_^

Now, without the rest of the pleasantries, I bring you the standard edition of Synthetic Breed! If you want to support this head over to the facebook page, there's a link to my bandcamp page on there where you can purchase it to show some love ^_^