So, I wanna get a new guitar for Christmas, and I love punk music, so I want a guitar that's good for punk. So, does anyone know of a good guitar that has a punks sound, for $250 dollars or less? Thanks for the help.
For punk, the guitar is less important than the amp. For the most common punk sound, you're hearing single coils into a cranked JCM 800.

Pick a guitar that you like; the style should follow.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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I know you mentioned 250 or under, but Ibanez makes really nice Punk guitars for around 300. I have this one currently, and I love it, been playing it for 6 years, only one string popped.

Define "punk" - some think of The Who, some think The Clash, some think Hot Water Music. These are three distinctly different sounding artists, so it would help to know what you listen to.

Do you already have gear? If so, please follow the instructions in the "what guitar..." thread.