I cannot find any full or even 1/2 complete tab for Maggot brain. The only tabs that i have found only have the beginning of the solo. Thats it , I have looked for a long time and have come up with nothing. There is a good chance that i just suck a searching. So if anyone has a full tab of knows of one please post a link or tell me that it is not in existence,

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hi there ,,,,if you ever have any luck finding it please let me know and will do the same for you ,,,,,
i cant believe no one has ever done tabs for it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i even emailed one of the actual group members such is my desire to get this ,,,,needless to say i had no luck ,,,lol,,,,,,
i wont give up ,,,,,,,)
i have just noticed there is a pro tab for the music which seems to have the lead ,,,,...
i needed t open it with goplayalong software ,,,,,,,,,,,,the spaces are a bit off putting but i will give it a go ,,,,,,fingers crossed ,,,,

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