Hey guys, this is my first post here :-)

Basically, i purchased the Blackstar ID:60 digital head online. It came in the mail yesterday.
I ordered that from a music store interstate. The cab that want it to go with it is the Blackstar HTV-212. I placed a custom order from a local music store in my area. They said that they have to wait until they get it in stock from America. So around 6 weeks it would take, i ordered it 4 weeks ago, so im still waiting for it.
Now this is the confusing part.
After receiving the head i payed particular attention to the back it reading all the wattage and impedence info. The head has 2 Speaker outputs. One that says 1x4ohm minimum and one 2x8ohm minimum. After looking at that i wanted to go and see what the Cab would have on the back, to make sure it would be all work. I googled photos of the back of the cab and it has 2 inputs, one that says 16ohm right and one that says 16ohm left. The underneath both of them it says Stereo 80W RMS/CH. Above the right input it also says 8 ohm mono 160w RMS.
I am extremely confused about all of this and i really have no idea when it comes to Speaker Cab and head impedance's.
Please help me out and tell me if this will work out and i wont have to get a different Cab.
I include photos of the back of both just to make it easier for you guys to understand. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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