hey guys,

I'm a guitarist and am now getting into recording and song writing to get to the next level as a player. Therefore I discovered EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer and this looks and sounds amazing in the reviews and a lot of the pros love them.

I hardly know anything about drums, on which beat one usually places which part of the drum set, basic rhythms, genre-specific beats etc. If I want to write some cool beats for my own songs I suppose I should get a little more into drumming (and I guess its a lot of fun too ).

So my questions:

1) is the idea of taking on drumming a good idea or should i just analyse some songs and play around on EZ drummer to get some cool beats (trial&error)?

2) I have a pretty busy schedule with studying, working out and trying to at least play 4 hours guitar each day (if not more). Would 0,5-1 hour of practicing drums get me far?

3) I have a kinda organised approach to practicing, I choose licks from songs and exercises which I'm really committed to and then practice them each day for 10 minutes per exercise to a click and try to progress every monday, this works quite well for me. I need to the progress on paper, that really motivates me. I'm at least an intermediate guitarist and therefore I know exacty what I have to practice and how to tackle my weaknesses. With drums being a totally new instrument thats probably not quite that obivous to me, where could I start with my journey and what exercises do you recommend?

4) I have definately no place for a real drum kit so I'm considering an e-drum kit. I cant spend too much and would also consider buying second hand, any models which have proven to be a good start for a beginner?

a lot of text, but i hope u got through it and can enlighten me thanks
I found it hard to learn virtual drums, so I bought a Yamaha DTXplorer electric kit, and downloaded some lessons. That's really the only advice I can give you.
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