Hey guys

I'm really considering installing a Bigsby B7 or B70 (Not quite sure about the difference but I will research more about that) on my recently purchased Epiphone ES-339 Pro. If I did purchase a Bigsby, I would also install a Vibramate as I do not want to drill holes and possibly a new nut or roller bridge. I am just wondering, would a Bigsby cause any problems if left on for a long period of time, if any and also I am not sure which Bigsby would fit it (I know that there are measurements on Epiphiphone's and Bigsby's website but if anyone could help me out it'd be great)? The reason why I want to purchase one is to basically experiment and have fun with it.

If anyone could please answer any of the questions above I would be very grateful.


Here is an example of what I have seen on the Gibson forums.