Hi guys, after buying a good warwick cable, i noticed that the overdrive on my small, 15 watt amp was faulty and randomly turning off then on again. I dont know what would cause this, except for the fact that i've had this small trusty amp for 4 years now. Also, it runs perfectly good after a few moments of playing even if it's choppy in tone. What are your suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
Is it a cheap, solid state practice amp? I'm guessing it is since you didn't mention what kind of amp needs repaired.

I have an old Crate ss amp that did the same thing a few times then died, it happens. They're not worth fixing though.

And why rob yourself the joy of a new(/used) amplifier?
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>after buying a good warwick cable

What happens when you use your old cable?
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>after buying a good warwick cable

What happens when you use your old cable?

Well, the last cable was cheap and the wires inside managed to snap and disconnect from the jack.
What amp?
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this is what he has on his on his profile

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i am unfamiliar with those brands. probably not a good thing.

what amp are you using?
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