ChVt 5: the fifth Betting Thread (Obscene still hasn't picked a avatar)

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Place your bets as to when the chat thread will be closed


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As you know the losers must change their avatars to the avatar of the winner's choice (general pit rules apply). I will not count any bets after the chat thread reaches 25,000 replies. Good luck!

also that^

Current Bets:

January 27th - ehbacon
February 21st - eGraham
March 15th - Bay Joel
March 31st - strait-jacket
April 20th - whywefight
April 19th - Bob_Sacamano
May 26th - Gibson_SG_uzr55

In addition
since Obscene still hasn't picked an avatar, this thread will be for him to finally post the avatar from the last thread. Like I said, all you Chvt 5 posters need to use said avatar.
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What bullshit is this, I called dibs on making this thread
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April 20th, Bob

April 19th, wwf

I swear I was gonna say the 20th
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February 21st

Update the OP you lazy bastard
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