For sale is a mint new condition EVH Wolfgang Special in Black,EVH Floyd Rose,plastic still on the back trem plate and electronic plate, (Japan made not china made).Comes with EVH hardshell case and all the tools and paperwork also original shipping box.$825 shipped.
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I loaned my digital camera and it was never returned.I describing the guitar just as it is.If there were and flaws of any kind I would say it in my post.
I loaned my digital camera and it was never returned.Im discribing the guitar just how it is.If there were any flaws of any kind I would say that in my post since I cant post photos.
Why would I be dishonest,people can post a picture of a guitar and send you something totally different.There is no need for me to be dishonest........
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If you expect people to blindly send a person they do not know that much money for a guitar they can't even see, you must be off your rocker.

Just another Sheep in the design of the Almighty Machine.

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