Good day all! I am looking to get a new guitar finally! I am currently using a pretty old Jackson dinky model and i am very sick of it and i cant get a good crunchy metal tone out of it so its time to upgrade. Just a little bit on what im looking for

-id love 24 frets large is prefered
-mahagony neck and body or maple
-i dont want it to feel cheap likes some guitars i have played
-i want to be able to get the super heavy "crunch" like on the master of puppets album (im a huge metallica fanboy and that is what i play for the most party)
-NO FLOYD ROSE! (i change tuning way to much to have one)
-The main thing is i want it to have that crunch for metal like metallica but i also what to be able to play on clean (I dont play jazz and blues but i do like to do small licks from time to time). what i mean is i want to have a clean like metallica using for one and fade to black and stuff like that.

Some of my favorite bands are Metallica, Guns, ACDC, and i also like newer stuff like a little bit of avenged sevenfold, RATM, and a little bit of SOAD

Knowing all of that what do you guys think would be a good match for me?

I Have looking at a few and found that the LTD EC-100 deluxe or maybe The ESP LTD EC-401FM. I have also looked at a few schecters like the hell raiser c-1 and the custom c-1. Well id love your guys imput on this

Also on a side note im looking for a nice used amp somthing that can play some big heavy crunch but still has a decent clean for things listed above. i was thinking a peavey 6150+ 112 just adding this in.

Thanks guys!
With the right amp the EC-1000 will do just fine. My ec-1000 came with a JB/59 set and i could get those tones you mentioned easily. The 6505 would be a great amp for the crunch. the only thing you have to decide is if you want duncans or EMGS.
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What's your budget for a guitar and the amp? Out of the 2 you listed the 401 is a lot better. Stay away from the 6505 if you want any type of good cleans.
The 6505 is not a good choice for what you want to play. Look at the Jet City JCA2212C or Marshall DSL40C.

The LTD EC-401 is good if you get a good one - try before you buy. Their QC is a bit iffy lately, sadly.

The Schecter C-1 is a nice guitar. I wouldn't go for the Hellraiser for what you want to play.
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I think a sc-500 is a versatile ax with its pickup configuration wich is a single coil in the neck and humbucker in the middle and bridge. but it is a maple neckthrough on alder so ?
No budget?

ESP Horizon NT and a Mesa Mark V.

Or, The EC 401/ MH 401/400/500/whatever the current one is and a 6505+ combo with a chorus pedal should do the trick for cleans
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I have purchased an LTD EC401VF used from ebay about a year ago for $350 shipping included and I absolutely love it. The quality is impeccable and it sounds very, very, very good, clean as well as overdriven or full on distortion. The JB in the bridge is perfect for the heavy stuff (I added a push/pull to split it as well) while both pickups together can sound like early AC/DC or are perfect for blues with a little bit of crunch. The neck pickup cleans up really nice, I wish I could split it too but unfortunately it's the vintage version so no 4 conductors wiring on that one. That's my only gripe about it, they could have fitted it with a coil-split option from the get go.

I put some 10-52s on it and had it set up in a music store nearby by a guitar tech and the intonation is perfect, it never goes out of tune. I think I got lucky with that one, you would never have been able to tell it was used and on top of it it looks beautiful. I'll never part with that one. I'm serious. From what you describe I think it'd work very well for you, I can't recommend it highly enough!
These are both worth considering:

Godin Redline HB

Fernandes Dragonfly Standard

Both brands make quality guitars. Godin doesn't make many guitars aimed at guitarists with a taste for heavier music, but that's one of them. Most of Fernandes' product line is aimed at the harder rock genres.
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Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!
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i have had three EC's 400 401 and 1000. the 400 is much better than the 401. they switched factories and they aren't nearly as nice. the 400 and 1000 were pretty much equal seems like a lot of the EC1000 is the bling, it really is very close to being equal. they have been long gone.

look into jackson and ibanez, i like them much better overall all would be held pretty similar, except if you can find a prestige ibby for $500 it will rape anything that costs $500 after a pickup swap.
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