I'd like to ask you if you could tell me the following:
Strings gauge:
Strings brand:
Strings longevity:
Practice per month:
Pick thickness:

I'm just curious what people use
Gauge: 09-42
String brands: ernie ball
Longevity: 6-9 months
Practice: 15mins per day
Pick thickness: 0.88 (dunlop)
Genres: indie to metal and everything inbetween
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Strings gauge: 10-52, 11-56
Strings brand: Varies between ernie ball and D'Addario
Strings longevity: 10 months?
Practice: half hour - 1 hour a day
Pick thickness: 1.14/1.0
Genre: most things mainly metal.
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Alright, I'll play

Strings gauge: 9-46 x2, 10-52, 9-90
Strings brand: Ernie Ball all around
Strings longevity: probably 6 months
Practice per month: 20+ days a month? I don't know it varies
Pick thickness: whatever Jazz 3 XLs are
Genre: Metal for the most part, most subgenres too
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Strings gauge:0.010-0.052
Strings brand'Addario
Strings longevity:A few months, but my high e (0.010) dies every week or two
Practice per month: 40 hours
Pick thickness: I don't use picks. Stick to my nails and fingertips and cuticles and skin above the cuticles
Genre: Funk, blues, progressive rock, and then a bit of every genre except country and crazy dropped tuning metal.
Strings gauge: 10-46
Strings brand: Gibson Vintage or Gibson Brite Wires, depending upon the guitar
Strings longevity: They're at their peak for a week or two but I tend to leave them on for months anyway.
Practice per month: No idea.
Pick thickness: 1.0mm Tortex Jazz III
Genre: Somewhere between sludge metal and hard rock.
Strings gauge: 9-46
Strings brand: D'Addario
Strings longevity: Months
Practice per month: About an hour or so a day
Pick thickness:.88. The green Dunlop Tortex ones
Genre: Metal to pop to metalcore to the occasional transcribed dubstep.
thanks for the replies so far! here's what i use:
Strings gauge: 10-46
Strings brand: EarnieBall
Strings longevity: 1-2 months
Practice per month: ~30hrs
Pick thickness: .88 or .90 Dunlop
Genre: Folk / Alternative rock
Strings gauge: usually 10-46 or 11-49, depending on the scale length of the guitar (longer scale = lighter gauge - 10-46 is generally my choice for 25.5" scale)
Strings brand: Elixir
Strings longevity: Until they break - I only broke one elixir string so far and that set was 11 months old, when i replaced the whole set it sounded the same as it did before i swapped them, meaning the tone hadn't deteriorated at all in all that time.
Practice per month: honestly, about 60-90 hours.
Pick thickness: I don't know, how thick are red dunlop jazz III XLs?
Genre: Classic Rock, blues, rock 'n' roll, country, country rock/southern rock, new wave, indie, anything else you want me to play, but generally stuff with cleaner tones is preferred.
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Strings gauge:9-42, 9-46, 11-49
Strings brand: D'Addario
Strings longevity: 6 mnths maybe? I'm tough on strings.
Practice per month: I dunno, lots. 40 maybe?
Pick thickness: 0.73mm
Genre: Rock
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Strings gauge: 11-guage on the thinnest, then whatever the rest of the strings are!
Strings brand: D'addario mostly. Cheap, sound good, last pretty well for me
Strings longevity: I keep them on until one breaks normally, or if they are noticeably scabby. Maybe 3-6months? One of my guitars is still rocking the Elixirs i put on a year ago.
Practice per month: Normally have 1 or 2 band practices a week for 3 hours or so.
When i'm at home it though it really varies.
Pick thickness: 13mm fleshy ones a lot of the time
Otherwise i like 1mm tortex 'teardrop' picks
Genre: Blues, Alternative, Ambient crap (lots of bow and reverb 'cos im pretentious)
Strings gauge: I buy 10 - 46 pack and a single 52, throw away the 46 and use 52 instead for drop C#
Strings brand: D'addario
Strings longevity: Maybe 2 months
Practice per month: I don't play a lot, just a few hours a week
Pick thickness: Doesn't matter a lot
Genre: Metal
Strings gauge: 9-42, 10-46
Strings brand: Ernie Ball Cobalts
Strings longevity: Varies, usually 4-6 months, but I'm thinking about bringing it down to every two months
Practice per month: 15hrs or so
Pick thickness: Mediums usually .88s
Genre: Ambient/bluesy rock (for church), Alternative/progressive
String Gauge: Varies Wildly. I play in tunings from standard to Drop A#
Brand: Ernie Ball
Longevity: For recording, 2 weeks, Regular playing I notice a difference after 1 month but don't always change them.
Practice: 30 min/ day to 10 min per day
Pick: Green Tortex
Genre: Metal mostly

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Strings gauge: in E std 11-49

Strings brand: D'addario Nickel Blues

Strings longevity: 6+ months

Practice per month: an honest 2-3 hours a day, at least 6 times a week.

Pick thickness: i prefer these D'addario picks that i bought a 144 (gross) of for $10 on MF on clearance

Genre: melodic death, deathcore, and blues.


to keep in mind i usually use only three or four of my guitars at a time, everything i play is bending intensive as well as tremolo usage.
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Strings gauge: 11-49 on my Strat (lowest I go on this is Drop B, but right now I have it in Drop C#), 10-46 (I think) on my dad's Yamaha Pacifica (I play it more than he does though, and I use it for standard and Drop D), 12-54 on my acoustic

Strings brand: D'Addarios on my Strat, Dean Markleys (I think) on my dad's Pacifica, and First Acts (don't laugh) on my acoustic

Strings longevity: Recently restrung my Strat (gotta love the jangle of new strings, especially on a clean setting), the ones on there before- also D'Addario 11-49s- lasted a couple years before the low E broke (well technically the low C, as I had them in Drop C at the time), as did the ones on my acoustic (those ones are still going), and the ones on my dad's Pacifica have been going for a while as well (not sure how long though)

Practice per month: It varies, I just play at home right now

Pick thickness: Medium

Genre: Mainly modern rock and pop punk, but I do dabble in other genres from time to time
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