So I have a a Thunderbird which is a long scale bass and I play in standard and D standard the most. I was wondering what gauge of strings and brand are best for heavy metal. I don't want them to be very bright as that's not what I'm going for. I'm going for more of a Marilyn Manson sound. And yes I know it depends on amps and effects but what are the best strings for what I'm asking?
rotosound swing 66 steel strings will get you a clanking almost harsh sound which some love, i used to but have recently moved over to d'addario exl nickel wound strings. i find them less tough on the fingers and keeping a better sound longer.
in my experience, steel strings tend to dull a bit quicker but start off ALOT brighter than nickel strings that i feel last a bit longer.
as for gauges, i'd suggest slightly heavier than 'medium' gauge to accomodate for the lesser tension when tuning down to D standard.
be sure to set up the truss rod and action as well, so that both tunings are playable.
Moody was pretty much on point with the strings, but I'd say don't worry about tuning to standard. When a son calls for it just play a whole step higher than usual. This'll save you the hassle of constantly retuning, and transposing is pretty fun. (If you ask me).

Just my $.02
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DR high beams are great, if u want aggressive bass sound!

I have used em for like 2 years now and i LOVE them!
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Well; if you do not want it to sound bright, you could take a look at Elixir strings. They are a bit more muted than your typical stainless steel roundwound cheese graters.
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