Hi, maybe this is a pointless thread, but i was just wondering:
why is studio monitors sold seperatly? All monitors i've seen in stores (like the very popular krk's for example) is sold seperately. Who buys 1 monitor, or 1 of different brands? Why arent they just sold bundeled, with the possibility of buying them seperately from the product's site? Wierd/ pointless question i know, but i wo der if it is a reason.
Because many studios have something other than a simple stereo setup. They may need 3 (LCR) or 5 or even 7.

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On top of what Xiaoxi said, sometimes people want to playback stuff on one speaker, in true mono (as opposed to phantom mono, where two speakers [or more] all play back the same thing).
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Consumers expect lower prices on a pair of monitors. The companies are probably making more money selling them separately.
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