I got a gig here later tonight and I need to get this old multi effects pedal I have working since I pawned all my pedals earlier this year /dumb

Ive got a BOSS ME-50, I bought a univeral AC adapter.

what voltage do I need to set it do and what connection?

Because I cant get it to turn on and I need to get this shit working, I bought the adapter from best buy earlier, and I cant get any power. Im starting to think my pedal might be broken, but theres 8 different pieces I can connect and I can select voltage from 3.5 to 12, ive never had a hard time with this I dunno if the adapter I bought is broken or my pedal, or if im just stupid
This should be in GG&A. I suspect people will tell you to RTFM though.

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Surely the easiest thing to do is google the manual?

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