Hi everyone, hopefully I am posting in the right section, I just need some help with my recordings, I am recording from my guitar>amp>usb interface (tascam)> to computer and I don't like how the recordings sound they sound cheap and not professional, I get the same results when recording directly from amp to microphone (shure sm57). I am playing a ibanez rg2 xxv and the amp is a vox da10, Is there any software I could use to enhance my tone and sound quality? I had ableton a while ago I was not to good in using it, but I was able to improve my sound a bit but I cant find a torrent for it anymore and I dont have the same computer. Any help would be greatly apperciated again I am looking for software or a daw (that's not too complicated to use) to improve my sound, thanks!
To be clear, no DAW software will sound better than another. All of them do the pretty much same job, just in different fashions. It's all personal preference depending on what user interface you're most comfortable with. So if you don't like Ableton, don't use it. You should be able to get the same sort of sound, if not a better sound, out of another DAW that you like using.

I recommend Cockos REAPER because it's cheap (it's a free unrestricted trial offer that you can license for $60 if you want to support the developers and eliminate the initial pop-up) and has a more professional workflow than most other free DAWs (like Audacity.)

The software that does affect your tone are the VST plugins you use. TSE and LePou are companies that make good free guitar VSTs I'd highly recommend you check out.
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