Hello I'm kinda new to the whole pedal world I have some pedals
But I don't know if I'm using them to the full potential , and should I get anything else ?
My chain is Guitar- 535qCrybaby- joyo Vintage overdrive - Podhd 300- Bugera 333xl .
I use the pod for mostly modulations and delays , so any help with my rig would be aprciated !
This all comes down to the music you play and what tone(s) you are trying to achieve.

If you are unsure of any of it then the POD is great because it has virtually everything and you can mess with every effect and chain of effects to determine which effects you use often, like to use and which of those effects models appeal to you the most so that when (if) you decide to go for a pedal version you have an idea what to buy.

Perhaps you've done this already because;

1) You have a separate Wah (assuming you don't the like the POD's Wahs?
2) You have a separate Overdrive (assuming you don't like the POD's OD's?

As for whether you are getting the most out of your gear - that again is totally up to you and whether you are able to get the tone(s) you want.

Depending on the music genres you play, your guitar and amp you should be able to determine quite easily what effects you need to get what you want...understanding of course that majority of TONE COMES FROM YOUR HANDS/PLAYING.
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