It was very relaxing, good to have on as background music. I got through the first three or four songs and thought it kinda blended together, which isn't necessarily bad, because it came together as one experience. I listen to some ambient and post-rock, but it's not my go-to genre to listen to, however it's enough to appreciate this type of stuff and think of it as something other than boring. Sure, it's pretty slow-moving, but it provokes emotion and it's well done. That said, it could probably benefit from building up more to a climax in the ending of songs. Maybe some very faint distorted guitar swells or even if you wanted to get fancy, some light electronic-sounding drum tracks sparsely put into some parts.

Good job though. Your production was very well done. I know it's a totally different genre with different mastering and recording techniques, but I was wondering if you could listen to my song and give any beginner tips? I've just started experimenting with recording electric instruments and am looking for beginners advice. https://chrisgeorgemusic.bandcamp.com/album/flood