I would have put a loads more reverb on that guitar... but the delays are really nice. Reminds me of Buckethead. Especially the kill switch part after..! As a critique what I have is that it remind me maybe a little too much of Buckethead... But as far as sound and composition goes it's very very nice... Ah love the part where you go all banana's with the killswitch in that solo! Nice guitar tones you got there.. But maybe change it up with a keyboard/vocals.. I dont know how you intended it ofcourse? But if it's intended like one big solo then I would say well done, well done.

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well done, this was very relaxing , the drums n rhythm really bring out a post rock feel...

the solo was nice reverb or not. do I hear potential in ur playing sure do ... I definately hear some buckethead influences in your playing aswell (especially with the Kill switch hehe = ) nice)

I also hear "Collapse under the Empire" I dont even know if your familiar with that post rock band but there amazing if you were looking for recommendations that band would be right up ur alley I think

also almost forgot to mention that your composition was done very well ... fluid /smooth

anyway great track keep playing ... Im alil curious to ask how long you've been playing mate?

and if you will
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
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