I've been playing and practicing every day around 16-17 days in a row. I usualy take day off every 7-8 days, but I'm in a band now, and I feel excited about playing and practicing more than ever, and for me, it's not a chore to practice every day 4-5 hours (I would probably practice more, but there are life duties). So can this be harmfull considering that I practice and play mostly thrash metal, so fast stuff generaly. I don't have any problems with my hands, and my practice schedules became longer, it goes to more that one hour practicing downpicking for example, and after 20 minutes break I can no problem practice something else, while my hands don't feel tired. So I build up some serious stamina, so I look at in as a sport: If you are in a good shape, you don't get hurt. So? What do you think about day off? I realy don't feel a need to take it. But in the terms of brain conects new information?
and I've been playing for a couple of years, so my hands got pretty used to guitar
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Never take a day off. You'll probably die if you take a day off. I wouldn't recommend it.
The most important thing in terms of your body is that you don't overexert yourself; if you feel comfortable playing that hard and that much then by all means continue but always try and be aware of what your body is telling you. Be particularly aware of your arms, hands and fingers but definitely keep in mind that playing guitar is a holistic activity; you can strain parts of yourself you might not expect if you don't pay attention to your own sensations.

As for taking on new information... you don't always have to. If you feel like you're not making the right connections in your brain for learning new things then take a day and work on things you already know; maintain your technique, because if you want to get to be able to play like your heroes then you're going to need to do things like that.
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if you are not bored with it keep playing, the only time I take a day off is when im just not into it for the last couple days playing, so ill take a day off, and I actually come back better and usually write a bunch of new stuff, I only get sick of playing maybe 3 times a year, but still, sometimes a day off can help, if your sick of it that is
I think it's easy to stress about this early on in your playing. I used to take my guitar on holiday but the longer you have been playing the impact will be less on your playing. I agree that you need to let the body rest though. I enjoy my playing more if I have had a bit of a break as all your frustrations about playing are forgotten about and you might approach things from a slightly different angle.

I wouldn't sweat about it.