Hi Folks,

If you look at the attached video of Allen Hinds you will hear a lot of noise coming from his right and left hands movements.

I have not heard this on other players' recordings and videos. Is it something normal and something I should not be bothered a lot or it is definitely something needs fixing? What is your opinion?

Being perfectionists all this noise is bothering me a lot.


it depends really on a bunch of things

it can be bad technique (i doubt it's that in his case, he sounds pretty good to me), it can be the settings on the amp (high volume and high gain will accentuate it) as well.

captain obvious to the rescue but if it's annoying, try to fix it. if not, don't worry about it.
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ive noticed that on brand new strings i get alot more noise then after a few hours of breaking them in

he could have new strings on and tats happening

but yeah high gain treble up and loud volumes will make the extra noises louder

if you dont like it work on removing it but for the most part in a band setting its inaudible
First of all, putting your gain and/or volume too high (especially gain) can cause this. And, much like you saw in the video, sometimes it can sound appropriate and good. So it's not always a bad thing. Also single coil pickups tend to pick up noise very easily. So it's easy to get that sound with them. It can get annoying sometimes but it could also work out well in some genres. Humbuckers tend to have less of all of that extra noise, and active pickups tend to have almost none. But I'm not saying they CAN'T have it. They can produce that noise if you set up your amp and guitar right.
Usually, it's nothing to worry about unless it has to do with your technique. If you produce that sound no matter what guitar or amp you're using, it's most likely a bad technique that you need to improve. But honestly, you shouldn't worry about it too much. Like supersac said, if you play in a band, you won't even hear it unless you intentionally blast your amp higher than everyone else.