Hard to explain in the title. But basically I am currently playing a dark terror through a zilla studio pro. Got the cab Sunday. Review inc.

(Sorry was late last night and was typing on a mobile,)

Anyway I play like Metallica. Alter bridge. Machine head stuff like that. Don't use crazy amounts of gain. I use a ltd fx loaded with bkp warpigs. Gain on around 11o clock so I can roll back on volume for a nice clean. Volume on full and using bridge pickup with bad monkey to boost for gain.

My idea first idea was;
Leave the bridge pickup wired straight to the Pickup selector,
Wire the Neck pickup to the volume pot, the to the pickup selector,
Wire the Pickup selector common wire to the tone pot.

Doing this so that the volume pot affects only the neck pickup so I can switch from a rolled down clean to a nice overdriven tone on the bridge pick up.

Pro's : faster switching to overdrive,
Con : no volume control on the Bridge - No idea what would happen on the middle select

Second Option : Change the volume pot to a dual concentric pot instead so I can control both pickup's still? Thank you for the reply below, I see that I would get a parallel between the volumes when both pickups are on, I guess this would cause a sort of increase to the volume (output) If i had only the neck volume rolled down?
This doesn't seem to bad at all to me.

Have I understood this correctly?

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I'm not 100% sure what you are wanting to do here.

As for the volume pot issue when both pickups are selected, having both pups selected will put their volume pots in parallel. This will cause them to "look" like a single volume pot of half the value of the individual ones. Being half the value, the signal loading will increase somewhat, affecting highs. This is normal for this style of wiring. It's not a big deal though because using both pickups together "masks" the effect because it is already a somewhat more "bassy" sound anyway.

By wiring the pots in a slightly different way you can at least keep either pot from affecting both pickups.
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I've done the second option for this last night,

So basically rewired the guitar so that rather than going from the pickup switch to the volume pot, I've change the volume pot to a dual concentric so, wired the pickups to each of these then taken it to the PU selector.

Works perfectly straight away, so I can know roll back the neck PU and dime the bridge and go from a nice clean to over drive with just the switch,

My issue with this is the knobs I have got for this are the chrome metal ones, (telecaster styly) and because you bolt the nuts on on one side, the knobs are very off centre. This is means when I turn one knob 75% of the rotation is smooth, the rest just catches on the side of the knob beneath/above causing it to change both volumes.

does anyone know any knobs that would work a little better? I am considering trying to fill the opposite side of the fixing slightly to try and centralize it but Can't see it being the best permanent option.

I am using the knobs shown on this


You *might* find that having the pot on the one pickup left down affects your tone too much, you might try a treble bypass cap on the pot. Some folks like the tone change, some don't, but there is always a tone change in the pot at mid-scale. There are a couple ways of wiring it and different cap values will give you differing amounts of high-end restoration. Just something to consider. I think Jimmy Page was big on having his two volume knobs on his Les Paul set like this for a quick switch between clean/dirty in the middle of songs, so you're not alone...