Hi there dudes&dudines!
I just caught myself a neat deal on a Peavey Tragic II and put new strings on it: .012-.060s which should be perfect for drop-C tuning.
However all strings are way too loose, especially the low C which I can easily pull off the bridge :S
If I tune it to standart they are perfect, but the whole issue really bugs me; especcially since I was planning on going even lower (drop-Bb/A maybe).
Now I would figure this is a result of the relatively long scale of the 24-fret Peavey, but everyone I asked (friends, music store clerks) so far was riddled with it and the internet doesn't seem to hold a solution for me either.

What do you guys think? can I use an even heavier gauge without breaking the guitar?
Which ones would you recommend?

Thanks a lot!!
A long scale would make them tighter, not looser. Is that guitar the PXD? Specs say it has a 24.75" scale, which is short. But not nearly short enough to explain what you're experiencing.

I'm at a loss, unless you're tuning an octave low. Which is just very highly unlikely.

I use 12-60s on my 24.75" EC-1000 in C Std, and 11-56s on my 25.5" S420 and they're totally fine.
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Before this guitar, what were you used to? What string gauge, tuning and scale length were you used to that you're comparing this with? I use a 60 for the Low B on my 8 string which is a 25.5" scale and that's pretty much perfect. Tuning to a C on a 24.75" (what you're doing) should be more or less the same but we do all have different preferences and I know mine may be too loose for some people.
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Are you sure you're in the right octave? I have that guage on my LTD EC which is 24.75" and that's in C, and that's perfectly tight, if not a bit too tight for me.
For drop B on my LP copy at 24.75 I use the "heavy" set of DR DDT strings (i think 13-65). Works great.

You probably need to set up the guitar for the tuning. That's your issue.
If you can pull it off the bridge, I'm pretty sure you are an octave too low. I mean, even if I tune to C standard on 09-42 strings, they are still kind of playable - yes, they are pretty loose but you can still play (I think I once had my Les Paul in B standard or something - still playable). And you have a lot heavier strings. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are an octave too low.
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