Hey guys so i have posted something like this on here before and i didnt really get the answers i needed so im going to try something else. Im looking for a new combo amp im currently playing on a cheap small fender mustang that isn't anything special so its time to upgrade. I'm looking for something that can play Heavy metal like Metallica, iron maiden and pantera but i also want it to be able to push some decent (not crazy cleans for stuff like blues and jazz and stuff) but cleans that can handle stuff like the cleans that Metallica does.

I am living in the US and my budget is somewhere around 300 to 400 bucks as i am 16 and still have other things to pay for. I am playing an ESP CE-1000 deluxe with EMG 81/60. Im not looking for perfect cleans but usable with maybe a chorus.

Some suggestions i have gotten are some peaveys like the 6505+ 112 or the xxx and some jet city amps that i looked into be didn't have the metal crunch i wanted.

Id love your suggestions so far it looks like the 6505+ is my best option considering the crunch you can get and the cleans are ok (not prefect) but alright.
I would not recommend a 6505 at all for the style of metal you want to play. It can do it, but it's cleans are not great, and the strength of it's gain lies in a totally different place than where you want to be.

The XXX and Jet City JCA2212C would be a good way to go (make sure it's that exact model. The JCA2112 is a different beast that won't do what you want).

My first recommendation would be a Marshall DSL40C.

Make sure that whatever you get you save $50 or so to get a handful of preamp tubes. JJ ECC83s are the way to go, excellent value tubes.
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