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Been doing a lot of reading over the past few hrs and I just cant decide on what to go for. I'm looking for something small so I thought a Parlor sized acoustic would maybe be a good choice. The problem is im not 100% sure what to be looking for, I have seen a fender I quite like and I even had a little play on it this afternoon and it seemed ok. I should mention I'm a beginner to all this really so what I think maybe a good guitar perhaps isn't.

The one I was playing I have linked below

The thing that put me off is that is all laminate wood rather than at least a solid top. Could anyone maybe recommend me a good parlor sized acoustic for around the £250 mark?

Thanks everyone
if your looking for a good fingerstyle acoustic... that's what the parlors are best at, not the strongest for strumming. there are a lot to choose from. i'm not sure what that money will get you in the UK. here in the States, that'll get you a plethora of options.
if your looking for a smaller guitar for storage or travel but want big sound, you can't go wrong with Taylor's GS mini. you get a lot of great sound out of that guitar for it's size. Taylor really did their homework on that one. even the back is built just so that it offers a lot of strength without having to use more bracing. a lot of people think their Minis are over-humidified when they notice the arch in the back. i believe they are just a hair out of your price range but well worth the extra wait to save up for. i hear that stores just cant keep them in stock long enough in the UK.
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if you like the fender, why worry about whether the top if solid or not? that's all about tone, and if you like how it sounds, there ya go. while the GS mini sounds better, it's above your budget. you might try and find a recording king RP-06. nice bass for its size, lots of fun to play, and a slightly wider nut but a rounded neck.

btw, i've heard better sounding recordings than the one on that page. i had an RP-06 for a while, and enjoyed it.
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I fancied a smaller body guitar and after a little research (reading on the internet+playing in shops) I picked up a Sigma 000MC-15e. I absolutely adore it and can't stop playing it. The smaller body pushes the mids out and the mahogany gives the tone a nice depth. Set me back about £320 I think. If you don't want electrics and a cutaway the standard acoustic 000 will set you back about £270 for either a solid spruce or solid mahogany top.

a 000 isn't a very small body - the lower bout is almost as large as a dread. the OP is looking for a parlor size guitar, which to me would usually be an 0 or smaller.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
Compared to my normal dreadnought it's much smaller. It fits closer to the body when playing while still giving an appreciable amount of volume. I only mentioned the 000 as the OP mentioned they were looking for a smaller guitar and having recently made the same decision myself thought I would share.