So yea, I've been working on this concept album that is also a song. The idea behind it is it's 1 giant song that keeps gradually progressing and evolving throughout. I'm aiming for about an hour long of a song before I start calling it complete.

Since I don't have any real recording equipment at the current moment, the way I'm going about writing it is good old guitar pro. Note on that, I am using Guitar Pro 5 purely out of preference of that versions RSE, so I have no idea how it sounds on other versions.

I've split it up into parts to make it easier to manage, all in GP5 files, the end one the first leads to the beginning of the second, and so on until the end. It's not finished, obviously, but I've got enough written for a good listen.

I would love to hear some critique on it. I've been writing this thing solo for the most part, and I think I should have some outside opinions and suggestions to help me get it finished.

I hope you enjoy, cheers
GP5 Files.zip