Hull "terror" metal band TERAS are looking for a new drummer. preferable around our age (17+) and of either gender. jobs as the drummer of the band will include : drumming, being part of the creative process in writing, recording and performing songs, drinking with the band at gigs ad having and overall great time. we are desperately looking for a drummer so we can begin booking gigs for next year, with out a drummer we have no gigs planned. our main influences include : 80s thrash metal, pantera, modern groove metal, rebel meets rebel and many more. we also have some death metal influences.
if you are interested in joining, do not hesitate to reply
dean dime o flame, washburn dime 333 simeslime w/ bill lawrence xl500l and 59 bridge humbucker reversed.
randall RG75 G3+ , blackstar HT-DistX for recording