only have 22 frets but have to play that Eb up there? I normally transcribe the whole section an octave lower, but honestly, I'm thinking about just fretting a dead note up there. If I performed a song, in a professional manner, and played as if i had 23 frets, and buzzed that note up there every time i went to play it, would it be noticeable?
I use pre-bend or pinch harmonic the note an octave lower. You also have it as a natural harmonic on 9th fret B string but it really depends on what you're playing. The buzzed/muted sound if you try to fret it on a 22fret guitar isn't nice.
I'd possibly transpose those notes and play it in another key if it made sense. For the 24 which is more common, I just use the natural harmonic.
The song in question is really fast and youl only hear the note for a split second (16th note triplets at 110bpm) but it does sound bad. Playing the note an octave lower almost sounds worse, and transcribing the song to a different key is pointless, it wont be recognizable.

edit: i guess my question really is would a professional musician know that i am just fretting a note thats too high up or will they think i am missing notes.