hey guys so i have started to sweet a few days ago and ive been working at it like crazy! i just have 1 problem it seams that the lower strings ring out and i am trying to mute them but i just cant get a nice continuous sweep downward while trying to mute these strings. i am playing on a pretty crappy guitar (jackson JS1) and i am planning on getting a ESP ce-1000 very very soon so i was thinking it was some of the pickup ring but im not sure. Any tips on muting those strings or if it will calm down a little when i have my EMG pickups.
I think you may find it useful to do 2 things. With your picking hand while you sweep, try to use the same area of your hand that you use to palm mute the strings. The area should be muting all the strings before the one your currently playing. Almost like it's following around the sweep shape. You don't have to press hard though, just enough to mute the strings. You really need to be sync'ed up to do this and make sure that you're not accidentally playing two notes at once. The second thing is with your fretting hand as your fingers fret the notes necessary for the sweep, do not let your fingers fly around and keep your movements minimal, only what is necessary. For example, take an E Major Triad sweeping pattern going through 2 octaves. You fret your first note with your pinky, and as you go to the next note you only relax your it on the string, but not move it away at all. You hit the next note with your ring finger and do the same and have both fingers relaxed. Only when you have to use your finger to play another note should you move them. This is essentially like muting with your fretting hand as a back-up in case your picking hand does not mute, and it makes for extremely clean playing.
If you've just started to learn how to sweep pick then that ringing most definitely has nothing to do with your guitar. You can't become Andy James in a few days sorry