I started playing at my church. We use isolation boxes in the back for the guitar amps, mic them, and have a D.I. box on stage for us to run the signal back to it. I've been playing there for a few months now, and since then I've been fighting my tone the entire time. I play a Dean Evo through a '94 Fender Twin, which I just replaced the power tubes and first gain stage preamp tube last month. I'm also running about 10 pedals through the front.

The main problem is that it distorts really easily, and I only have it on 2.5/3 on the clean channel. I have two overdrives and a clean boost, which I use to boost the signal up a little for the degradation. I'm not playing too heavy so I try to keep my ODs (an original ProCo Rat, and CatalinBread Silver Kiss MKII) on pretty low gain. At home it sounds great, nice breakup, but its sound like a bad 80s trash album when I engage even one of the pedals on stage.

Where did my head room go? and what can I do to fix whatevers wrong?
Is the Silver Kiss a distortion pedal? Cause I know the rat is. That could be your problem. You want boost/od, not distortion.

A general difference is a distortion pedal ALWAYS adds gain.
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Is the Silver Kiss a distortion pedal? Cause I know the rat is. That could be your problem. You want boost/od, not distortion.

The silver kiss is an OD. I keep the Rat's gain level at like 9 O'clock, and when I'm at home (playing at 1.5 max lol), it sounds really good. Also, even if I just have the Silver Kiss going alone, it still sounds bleh.
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something might be up with your amp. twins are THE amp for headroom.

I know, right? Usually I don't have a problem. I didn't Bias the thing when I swapped tubes, or maybe it needs new preamps?
6L6GCS, what was in them before, different brand though. I believe it had Groove Tubes, and I swapped them for Shuguangs because I'm poor.
The Groove Tubes were probably Shuguang anyway.

Set up your pedals at the volume you intend to play at. You'll never get it right otherwise.

It's about where the volume actually sits in the circuit. When you turn up the volume you aren't just feeding more into the power amp, you are turning up preamp tubes as well. So at higher volumes they are closer to breakup right off the bat. It takes less boost to make them clip. Unnerstan?
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maybe its the di box?
cause it seems thatt the only ting that changes from your try at home and your try there

but yeah set up your pedals at the volume youre goign to be using them
So after playing last night and tonight, and with much tweaking, I've realized it's my overdrive tone that is driving me crazy. I'm going to have to sit around and play with them until I can find a suitable tone, or maybe it's time to go shopping.
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