Events and cycles

Rolled down windows can’t calm me down.
I’ve been in this place for quite a while.
Every new turn and path I discover brings me
back here in this same situation.
I asked for help I got some advice,
So far nothing is working.

I’ve made some friends and we meet regularly.
Almost three times a week she waits by me.
Sometimes she rolls down her window and
expresses her feelings.
Uncensored public affection helps some people
In getting rid of misery.

Don’t leave your seat that’s our motto.
Any one of us could hit the accelerator any time.
I want to move on but the world is blocking me.
I guess it wants both of us to take slowly
So no one gets hurt In the long run.

I appreciate the noble effort of the universe to
help me find someone miserable like me and
If it helps in anyway,
I want it to know that I really hate traffic jams.
You reprised the window too early, and the pacing of the narrative is a little awkward. Some more clever punctuation for conversational effect and some re-arranging will make this a much better poem.