I found this awesome guitar. Its an esp mf 207 with skull inlays. As i understand, they are rare and people are lucky to find one. I played it last night and absolutely loved it. Except for the price. It was tagged as $650 but i was able to get it down to $550. It still seemed a bit expensive to me. I know its a rare guitar and all, but seriously. I really want it bad...
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Just from doing a bit of googling, the price seems steep. ESP LTDs don't hold their value over time like Gibsons and Fenders tend to, they drop straight off as soon as somebody takes them home. For that price, you could probably snag a used LTD 1000-series guitar, which will be of substantially higher quality. Maybe I'm biased (I personally think the guitar is butt ugly) but I'd say 'no deal, Howie'.

Edit: For perspective, I was able to buy a used LTD MH-401QM for $300.
Also, rare does not necessarily equate to valuable.
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Yep. I thought it was a bit over the top. Anywho, i found an esp f100 for $100 i think i'll go with that one.
We'll see. The original back plate is gone. The guy said he made a custom one so im waiting for pics. It has neck through constuction though. Ive never handled a guitat like that, so i wonder how it will sound.
Shouldn't sound too different from a set-neck guitar, really. As for the back plate, I think as long as it has some sort of foil covering the inside, it should be OK. Don't quote me on that. Something about Faraday cages, which reduce the electrical interference to the electronics (and reduces hum), but I didn't do too well in physics ^^; You can also cover the inside with foil yourself, though.
I think so. Anything metal, really. Again I'd do some googling/asking around.
I could probably figure it out by tinkering around with my m50.
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Yeah. Worst case scenario, it's just tin foil and you take it back out again lol.

Edit: Maybe make sure the foil doesn't come into direct contact with any of the potentiometers. I really don't know if that would do anything or not.
If you get a chance to play the F-100 before buying, definitely take it - you may find it doesn't have hum problems anyway.
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