Put together a partscasters and am wanting a good humbucker for metal/hard rock I use a peavey ultra 4x10 various fx. Looking for tight high output passive pickup
also will be tuning down a bit.
Try a Seymour Duncan SH-4
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I have a Seymour Duncan JB Jr. Their Lil 59s are also popular for this. I run my strat through a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb, and that JB Jr handles all levels of gain and volume with ease and grace.

On a side note: most passive pickups are only going to change the tone of that amp so much. If you want a very different tone, you should look more toward the amp than any pickup.
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I like the tone of my amp just wanting some suggestions on
a good pickup for heavy rhythm playing. Just need it for chugging style rhythm playing leads will be done on a different
Besides the above?

RailHammer Anvil.
Something from the Tesla VR line.
Lace Deathbucker
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A Seymour Duncan JB is a versatile pickup for single-pickup guitars, but it isn't very tight. A Distortion would certainly be more tight.

I would also recommend a DiMarzio Evolution. A great, tight bridge pickup that makes the treble strings sing.
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I'd try a Dimarzio Dominion.
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maybe one of these: http://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers/high-power/d-activator-x-bridge

i have heard good things and i am considering looking into getting one for an RG. just haven't gotten around to it like everything else in the world...