Not sure where to post this, so I am trying the area where people talk music composition.

I don't like thinking my phone is ringing when it is some one else's because we have the same ringtone. I think 99% of ringtones generated from song bites sound like total crap. I am not in the mood to pay $$ for something I'm perfectly capable of doing myself.

I assumed, when I started looking, that there must be apps out there for this, that give you a bit of variety in instrumentation, maybe some kind of midi piano roll or something, and let you layer a few sounds to create a totally original ringtone. I am trying to spare myself the hassle of creating an instrumental on a DAW and then trying to figure how to import it onto my phone as a ringtone. If I can just compose it on an app that will immediately add it to my ringtones, that would be highly efficient, and I cannot believe this does not already exist.

In fact, it probably does, and I'm hoping some one on here can tell me what it is. Or, if there are more than one, maybe what the pros/cons of each are.

I did try googling this issue but I cannot seem to find any search that avoids pulling in discussions of song-based ringtone creators. Even "compose original ringtone' brings up apps designed to turn an existing song into a ringtone, like there are so many of those apps out there, they are preventing me from finding what I'm looking for.

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Q: Does your phone have a voice recorder?
A: Yes, every phone in existence has a voice recorder.
If your phone has a voice recorder, and we've already established it does, simply follow these simple steps to create your very own amazing and unique ringtone!
1: Find voice recorder on phone, press record, place phone near amp.
2: Record the greatest riff the world has ever known!!! \M/ !!!
3: Listen to riff, discover the recording is so muddy you can't make out any notes, turn down distortion on amp, repeat steps 1-2.
4: Listen to riff, discover recording is still muddy and kinda sounds like shit but hey, at least it's better than nothing right?
6: Set recording as ringtone, sigh again.
7: Cry in corner for several hours.
Congratulations! You now have your very own amazing and unigue ringtone!!!
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Why have app that makes a jingle, when you have so many actual good to amazing music apps on apple devices.

It also depends on the device. Do you have smartphone? If so I'm guessing you have android, cause quick search itunes store brings up 100's of acceptable music creation apps.
Simple piano roll apps, to complete functional DAW.

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