This thread is not in the drug thread because its not just about "drugs" but method to intake/possibilities.
Is this just a new trend for the cool kids
OR is it the most genius invention to intake all types of drugs!

So if you played GTA V while driving a car you probably noticed on one of the stations they talk about how you can have your heroin/crack or what ever your into fix all in a vapor pen that uses wait what?! just "water vapor!!" so this Sh*t is safe? no more needles and spoons and forks or whatever the average junky uses.

That got me and the homies thinking about the possibilities which I know there already vaporizing companies like G pen or G life but imagine something universal, pocket sized, and some what incognito when using it. People wont get meth mouth, thier skin wont peel off, disease wont spread as much and everyone would be happy.

How do you feel about this?
is it just a cool kid trend
Or a revolution

I didn't know how to make a poll for this but oh well. Feel free to say whatever you want just keep it within the subject and rules of the UG thread
Whats goes around must come down
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Whats goes around must come down
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Whats goes around must come down
This is a question for the drug thread, you big dummy.
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