Hi ya'll im new to this forum & I want to know what string guage is perfect for drop A tuning on a Ibanez 7-string RD7421?? if someone can give me each specific string gauge for each string that would help a lot so I can grab my own custom strings set per each!
What strings does the guitar have at the moment? Do they feel too loose or tight? Strings are personal preference, we can't tell you which strings are best for which tuning. Some people like 11s in standard, others prefer 09s in standard. I don't see a point in making your own custom string set, unless you know exactly what you are after. It's just easier to buy whole sets (and also a lot cheaper) than buying each string individually. So is there something wrong in your current strings?
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Strings are all personal preference. If you have to ask then you probably don't need a custom set. Most people are fine with a standard set unless they're always in some weird open tuning or something. Drop A is close enough to the usual B standard that it won't make much difference. Just find a 7 string set from a brand you like where the smallest string is the same as what you're used to and all the others will be about right.

If you don't know what you like then I'd recommend these, or something similar to start off with: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/daddario-exl110-7-lite-7-string-electric-guitar-strings

In general, bigger strings will have a little bit more resonance and sustain and will sound slightly better, especially on the low strings, but a smaller set may feel easier to play and are easier to bend.

I used to always play with 9s when I first started, for like my first couple of years of playing. Then I finally tried 10s and at first they were a little harder to play, but I liked the sound and stayed with em til I got used to it. I tried playing with 11s for a while too, but they were a little too hard to bend and just felt weird, so I moved back to 10s. Since changing to 10s I've played other people's guitars with 9s on em a many times and they just feel sloppy and loose and I can't stand em now.

All that was back before I had a 7 string. by the time I got a 7 string I already knew what I liked, so I've just been getting the same since the tuning is the same as E standard on a 6 string, it just has the extra low B (or A in drop tuning) Recently I did decide to try 11s again, but a different brand, so I have a couple of packs of those waiting for the next couple of times I change strings.