for others to work on?

I apologize if this has been answered before. If it has, please redirect me to it and lock this thread.

But yes, like the question states. I'm planning on doing a co-op project with my sister. It would involve me recording all of the guitar parts, sending it to her and having her add vocals, and then she would send it back to me to add back ups, mix, and finalize.

I would prefer to keep it simple and free. She's never used Audacity before and I've obviously never sent a big project over the internet so simple is good. I would also prefer to keep it as lossless as possible. I am under the impression that sending a lossy file back and forth over and over again would affect the audio, but if not please correct me!

I am here to learn! Thanks!
Put all of the files in a .ZIP Folder and then upload to a doc sharing site such as Dropbox or 4Shared and send the link to the file to someone else to download and work on.
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Free account on Gobbler that you share between eachother will automatically update the files onto your computers. Doubt it'd work with Audacity, though.
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