2014 will mark 20 years for me. Just thinking about my "rig" when I first started.
Rent to own (from the local guitar shop) Black Ibanez Roadstar 2 and a Fender Squier 15 amp. Neither of which I still have. Added a Soundtank Tubescreamer, the little black one with the green sticker I'm sure we all remember.
Also, no internet back then meant figuring out a lot of songs or buying tab books and lots of "Guitar World" magazine.
Any other longtime players? What was your first rig like?
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ive ben playin for 3 munths now got a BC RICH BRONZE WARLOCK its a gr8 guitar, an yu kno its good cos its named after a precious metal

im getting rlly good an i think im gonna start a hardcore band, cos that seems like the thing to do when you have no musical talent yet.
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ive ben playin for 3 munths now got a BC RICH BRONZE WARLOCK its a gr8 guitar, an yu kno its good cos its named after a precious metal

What kind of metal is warlock?

Been playing for 8 or 9 years maybe? I don't even remember when I started...
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I started the summer between 7th and 8th grade, I'm going into my 2nd semester of college so...6 or 7(ish) years

My first rig was an Epiphone Les Paul Junior and a little Epi practice amp...I've moved onto an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and a Samick SGA-30.
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What kind of metal is warlock?

Been playing for 8 or 9 years maybe? I don't even remember when I started...

He meant Bronze.

I've been playing since '06. Almost 8 years. That feels like a long time to me.
Bronze is an alloy.

Started playing acoustic in 1984, electric 88, I had a squire start(mij) and a Marshall micro stack, white.
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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
I'm on my 6th year now, never gigged and I suck.

It's still fun though
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I've been playing for right around 7 years. Not as long as I thought it was now that I think about it. Feels like I've been playing my whole life.

I started off on a shit Line 6 Spyder II and a reddish-brown Squier Strat.
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He meant Bronze.

no. shit.
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I like you. Compassionate and strong. Glad theres people like you.

"What is the best kind of slave to have? One who does not realize they are a slave"
Wake up people!
7 years and i still dont has band. I dont even see the point in playing, but i see myself as a rich and succesful musician in the future. its a matter of finding the bridge there.
I turn 22 in Feb which will mark 12 years since I got my first electric and 15 years since I started playing.

Had an American Standard Stratocaster for my 10th birthday which I still own, along with a Marshall MG10, which I do not own anymore. Added 6 more guitars, a pedalboard and gone through 4 amplifiers brings me to my current setup.
Hitting four years of playing in March/April time. Though, I've owned a guitar for about twelve years, I never really started playing it until eighth grade.
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6 years now, started with a shitty black/dark red squier strat and an even more shitty fender frontman amp.
6 years now...started on a ephiphone les Paul jr and the 10 watt epiphone amp it came with. I now own a ltd fm401 guitar along with my peavey jsx120w head and a crate 4x12
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I've been playing for 10 years.

My first guitar was a Yamaha entry level sort of deal, but all in all it was a good guitar to start with, had 2 humbuckers and a single coil in the middle. My first amp was a 10watt marshall practice amp with only contour and overdrive on the distortion channel.

My next guitar was--you guessed it-- platinum BCRich warlock. I'll say it is a pretty decent step up from bronze series. It served it's purpose as at the time I was in a black metal band and all we did was play power chords and tremolo pick.

And for the purposes of the band, I got myself a 100w Randall combo amp. It's still my main amp. It kinda sucks. It hisses if you put the gain up too high... well, so nowdays I don't care because I don't max out the gain, but at the time I was was like no gain no pain so I sent it to get it fixed, only to come back exactly the same but with a huge dent in it. Thanks Randall.

My next guitar was a Schecter Damien 7. I was big into Emperor's album Prometheus and desperately wanted to jam out some heavy tunes with that big fat B string. So I learned a few tunes, but actually that guitar sucked. It had these awful EMGHZ pickups that made the treble incredibly shrill and poppy and bad for everything. I actually didn't realize at the time that it was a baritone guitar. It had these faggy bat shaped inlays (still better than the present ones. This one I got was in 06 so they were slightly less offensive looking) but eventually having a guitar with ****ing bats on it was so embarrassing that I sold it. And the neck felt like a baseball bat.

Then I got my first nice guitar. a MIJ Jackson DKMG Dinky with EMG81-85 setup. I actually hadn't planned on buying it, but I went to GC and decided to try one out, and magically I was able to play better than I ever had before, which I think most people would agree that when you use a new guitar for the first time you usually can't play as well as you might. But this one was magic. It was eventually stolen out of my apartment when I was in college. Why oh why couldn't they have stolen the schecter instead...

So eventually I move to Japan. I'm looking to replace that Jackson, but it seems like any Jackson I can find is like uber expensive compared to the incredible deal I had gotten on that DKMG Dinky. So I try out a brand called Grass Roots, which I guess is the indo branch of ESP. Stock pickups suck so I change it out for duncan distortion, and now the thing plays pretty decent. It's not a replacement for that Jackson like I thought it would be... but it suffices. This is my go-to 6 string.

But 6 strings wasn't enough. I had gotten used to that 7 string after playing it for years, and I wanted more range. Just like Ihsahn had inspired me to get 7 strings before, now he inspired me to move on to 8 strings. Now, I am not a super rich guy so I usually go for budget guitars, but I figure since I'm in Japan this gives me access to some guitars that I might not otherwise find in the USA-- the Ibanez RG2228A in galaxy white (my avatar). I found one of these for about half off because it's an old floor model, and now I spend a lot of time rocking this thing. It's a pretty badass guitar. Here's the problem-- In Japan, there are VERY limited options for string guages. Circle K costs 40 bucks just to ship here. On Amazon I can only find Daddario light top heavy bottom, but it's still not ideal for what I want (their idea of heavy bottom is .74 wtf?). Anyways, even though I have this awesome axe I haven't strung it and set it up right and this actually has caused me to be focusing more on that Grassroots 6 string.

My plan when I go back to the USA someday is to get a 6505+ used somewhere and get the ibby strung up right and jam some huge ass ****ing tunes. By myself in my mom's garage.

by the way.
Listen. I'm sorry.
Been playing just over 9 years, but I'd say I haven't improved in the slightest in the past...2 and a half. If anything I've probably gotten worse. I just don't play half as much as I used to.
6 years last November, starting with a £40 Acoustic called a Falcon. Then bought a cheap Marshall starter kit, followed by a Cube 30 and Epi SG-400. I then got given a classical guitar and have spent most of my time playing that, since getting it I haven't bought anything new.
I started in 2007, so come 2014 I would have been playing for 7 years.

And yet I'm unbelievably horrid at guitar
My uncle "lent" me his old Martin D 28 for my 8th birthday. My mother would not allow him to give me one. She saw him as a bad influence. That was in 1966. Still have it.
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I started playing 6 or 7 years ago, and I'm fortunate enough to have grandparents who have played for over 60 years and have a lot of guitars. They gave me a Taylor Dreadnought acoustic.
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Started in 2005 (when this account was made!) with an acoustic (Yamaha FG-423s), then got an electric (LTD F-50) with a small amp (Marshall MG-15).

I only have those guitars and have been stuck at an intermediate level for years
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14 years for me. The first 3 years were acoustic.

My first electric rig was an MG and my Strat, the guitar is still my favorite.

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