Hey guys so i was thinning about upgrading my amp (A small old fender mustang) to a new amp. I am looking at getting a used one and i want some suggestions. i play mostly metal like metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera but i also like to play hard rock like ACDC and G&R.

What i am looking for in a amp is a really nice crunchy metal tone (ill put it through some pedals also) but i also want to get a nice solid "full" clean tone. I dont play blues and jazz licks often but i really want to get more into that so having that clean will be nice. I am going to be getting my ESP CE-1000 deluxe which as EMG pickups in a few days.

Some amps i have looked at are a lot of peaveys like the 6150+ 112 and the xxx. But one that really stuck out to me was the Peavey bandit 112. I heard a sound test on a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPoI7XCek14 and i loved all the sounds it produced. the guy in the video also explains how to get the tones (its more of a guide i guess). There are a few bandits i think they are the 2010 model for like 200 bucks used and i was wondering if that would get the tone and everything that im looking for for the music listed above. And also if i were to get one of those used would i have to do any work on it like new tubes (its like a different tube then i normal tube i think) or something with the speakers?

Thanks for all the help!
Peavey is cool. I have some experience with this brand. So let me tell ya:

I don't know about your budget, but I'm using a Peavey Valve King 112 (give or take 400&euro. I'm pretty content with this amp. You have a very fender-ish Clean channel and a good Lead channel. Opinions vary of course, so there are as much people loving the VK as there are people hating it.

My co-guitarist uses the pre-2010 Bandit. Let me put it like this: It's got a nice sound, for a transistor amp that is. In my opinion Peavey manufactures more than just decent transistor amps. Of course it's difficult to compare the Bandit with the Valve King, simply because were talking solid state on one hand and tubes on the other, and a price difference of about 200€. Are you playing in a band? The Bandit is pretty good for the rehearsal room. Might be too loud for bedroom level, but if I remember correctly it has a phones output.

From your post I reason you don't quite know the difference between tubes and soid state. Is that correct? Nevermind: The general opinion is that tubes have a better sound. They are mostly far more expensive. In contrast, solid state / transistor amps are cheaper. Now what might be interessting/important to you: You would have to change tubes in you tube amp from time to time, but I'd suggest hiring and electrician or sending it in instead of doing it yourself if you're not quite sure what you're doing. Also, you should turn the amps on a couple of minutes before playing for the tubes to warm up. So generally tube amps are a bit more demanding concerning maintenance. Transistros are pretty simple: You turn it on, you play it. They are digital amps, so you don't really have to maintain them. But if something breaks, you can virtually buy a new one. But that should rarely happen.

Hope this helps,
everyone feel free to correct me in case I wrote BS
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I had a Bandit 65 for years and hated the distortion. The clean was alright, the distortion was just muddy and sounded muffled.
Yeah I wouldn't touch a Bandit when the Vypr exists...

How much are you wanting to spend?
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