Hey everybody, just want to know how I'd come about getting this type of lead tone for a Strat. His tone just sounds so cutting through without that sheer ice pick or Single-coil trebleness to it. I know that the guy is playing an 1962 Strat and using a Mesa, (not sure what model though) I understand that they are playing at a stadium with a good sound system and that he's using a tube amp yeah, but surely there amps out there that can produce this kind of tone at low levels.

Here are some clips:

The Who - Amazing Journey / Sparks 1989 - Video Dailymotion (solo starts at 3:47min)

The Who - Love Reign O'er Me 1989 - Video Dailymotion (solo starts at 3:27min)

The Who - 5:15 (1989) - Video Dailymotion (1:42 min, but main solo starts at 2:57min)

Thanks in advance!
pete uses a Clapton sig strat that has a mid boost and doesn't sound as stratty. the mid boost gives it more of a humbucker sound
When I saw the Who Pete Townshend was playing through about 12 Fender Super Reverb combos.

He's used loads of amps throughout his career and loads of guitars but there's one thing that's remained constant that's crucial to his sound.

Earsplitting volume.

Low levels? Forget about it.
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…but surely there amps out there that can produce this kind of tone at low levels.

A good modeling unit. Power amp saturation isn’t something you can replicate at low volumes with an analog circuit. The closest you’ll get at low volumes is digital.