So I came across this listing on Craigslist and it has me interested however I cant tell if its an actual Tele or some knock off.

I asked for model, year, serial # info and the seller just sent me the pic of the headstock and wasn't sure about any of it. Any help would be great, thanks!

Here is the headstock pic:
Appears not to be a real Fender. The headstock decal is all wrong. Neck is not Fender. Tuners wrong. Body appears to be made of some Asian variety of "mahogany" but it is hard to tell... doesn't look like wood Fender would use. I'll bet if you popped the control plate off you'd find the cheap dime-sized pots and import switch. It does have a Seymour Duncan mini-hum, which is a plus. Certainly not worth the asking price. If it sounds and plays real good it might be worth $100, certainly not more than $150. I'd pass on it.
I was going to say that it looked pretty legit to me, but in the last pic, the headstock appears to be cut differently than a fender, it's missing the "dip" after the nut and appears to just be a straight cut.
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It's not a Fender Telecaster -- it's a partscaster with a waterslide decal on the headstock.