Hey guys, new to the forums!
I'm currently in a band that plays shoegaze-y, noise rock/pop and my current setup isn't really meeting my expectations in terms of the sound I want since it comes from way back when I was in a really big metal phase.

My setup looks like this:
Squier Telecaster
Korg Pitchblack+ Tuner
Boss Metal Zone
Peavey Vypyr 75 watt

The guitar is fine but I definitely want to upgrade my pedal choices and definitely upgrade my amp. The sound I'm looking for is in the vein of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, etc. in terms of the fuzzy, swirling sound that they bring.
I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money on the amp, definitely wanting to get under $1000 for a good cab and head. Some pedals I'm looking at are the MXR Carbon Copy, the Big Muff, and the Dunlop Rotovibe.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Seriously, I think I'd also consider upgrading the guitar, too. It's a Squier. Upgrade everything. Just focus on one thing at a time.

Edit: You've been here a whole year. New is like you just joined a week or two ago. You're a 12er, dude!
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I've had the account for a year but it's my first post on the forums haha! But I definitely will consider the guitar too, I've had my eyes on a few anyway.
You should go spend the day at the nearest megaguitarmart and try out every amp within twice your budget. Find a few you like and then report back here for further tips. $1000 gives you a lot of options.
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Based on my non-handson experience and just being friends with guys who play this kind of stuff, you could go a few different ways. You could go for a clean amp, fender twin, the musicman version of the twin whose name escapes me (I think it's one of the HD models), or you could look around for older amps that were meant to be bass amps but found their home with guitar players. Old Sunn amps come to mind just as an example. Grabbing something like a twin would be a solid choice, you'd be relying on your pedals to get all the sounds you need. If I were to build a shoegaze-y board you need basically reverbs and delays, sometimes more than one of each. The Boss digital reverb pedal is a popular choice for the ambient stuff. There's also this pedal called the Dispatch Master from Earthquaker devices which is a delay/reverb and it's a shoegazers dream. Then fuzz...lots of fuzz. Drive stufff it's up to you, the big muff could be a good choice, check out the Rat too for a distortion pedal that can do different levels of gain all relatively well.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
Just regarding the guitar question, I would say if it plays nice and you're comfortable with it, then stick with it. You can always upgrade pups later if need be. Amp is much more important tonally. As for a shoegaze amp, my opinion is worthless. I will say look at a mooer shimverb. I love mine and they seem to be popular for shoegaze.
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