Hey All,

I have a Sunn SL 160 SS amp and while I love it, the Reverb totally sucks. My tech told me the tank was loose and he fixed it, but the reverb still sucks. I was wondering if it would be possible to install a better reverb tank on this amp. I don't know that much about the tank itself, only that it says '659' and that it sucks.

I'd love me some good onboard reverb on this amp. I'm not a reverb junkie but I do like it a little for atmosphere. Can this be done? And if it can, any suggestions for a good replacement?

BTW I don't have the scematic for the amp, but it's available online. (for $20) Would this help the process or is it not necessary?

Major Bludd

This thread is 6 months old and I'm still interested in 'tricking out' my favourite practice amp. As I said before, the only thing I know about the reverb tank is that it says '659' on it. However, I E-Mailed Fender and though they couldn't tell me anything much, they were nice enough to E-Mail me the schematic for the SL 160. I'm hopeless with technical stuff, and I'm just wondering if this will have any info on the Reverb Tank.
OK, I've disconnected the tank and took out the 2 screws that are holding it in place. Unfortunately, it's been stuck down wish some sort of adhesive. However, I've managed to get more info on it.

There is engraved info:

It's from O.C. Electronics (Folded Line?) in Milton, WI.

PAT. 3.363.202
PAT 3.938.063

Then there is a stamped # - 29 0610

And as aforementioned, another stamped # 659

Any of this help?
Well, after lots of research and some direction from Fender, I ordered a MOD tank and had my tech install it. I'm pleased to report the reverb on my SL 160 is AWESOME! It's just everything I hoped it would be. This being said, I still intend to keep my WET reverb pedal on my board for atmospheric purposes.