I'm making an attempt to fix an old Boss PS-2 (1988). The input jack was screwed up by another "so called tech" and it has been given to me to fix. I have the following questions to anyone that has one or has theirs apart at the moment.
1.) Is there a piece of non-conductive material that rests between the input jack and the inner chassis housing? (It was given to me in pieces)
2.) were does the black wire go that is connected to the sleeve? It would appear to be a continuation of ground but im unsure at the moment if it goes to the Tuner jack or not.
3.) on the output jack there is only one wire (white) coming from the pcb. Would I be safe in assuming that the ground to the sleeve is coming from the chassis?

Any info you could offer would be great. I was sent the schematics by Boss, unfortunately I can not disclose them since they asked me not to and I promised I would not. Besides, they only show two connections on each plug but do not specify wires just signal and ground.
1. Not sure where that goes in this pedal. They usually put this stuff on the jacks so something on the board doesn't short on the jack.
2. Black wire on Input jack sleeve should go to Pad 18 on circuit board.
3. Yes, the ground for the jack is the chassis.

I'm only working off a schematic so I may be wrong about #2 but that's what the schematic shows. It should show this on your schematic also since I'm working from the service manual.
Yes you are right and the jack is one of those stereo input jacks that have five connections on them. Apparently White which goes to 19 gets shorted to ground when the plug is not in the jack which seems weird to me. but I found this It looks like Jack D.Jack Example
Weird it doesn't show it in the schematic. Maybe it's because it's one of those pedals that has two boards and it does this for the other board. I might have one of these in the shop if you are still having wiring issues. I can look tomorrow and open it up and look. Just tell me what wires you need to know where they go to. I guess I could take some pictures too. I'll check in the morning.
Yeah that would be great if you could and possibly snap a pic or two if that wouldnt be too much trouble. The story goes with this pedal is that it was working fine until it feel off the rack and the input jack broke off in it. The gentleman took it to a boss dealer which in turn said that they didnt have much experience with this particular type of pedal and that the pedal had more issues than just a jack broken off. They handed back to him half disassembled. I get it and notice that the tech tried to solder to the plugs and of course there melted marks where he was too lazy to take out the jacks until later. There was a ground that connected to the tuner jack from the input jack broken off and i replaced that. Tried it out and noticed that the electronics are active even without the jack plugged in so we both know thats wrong right there. It made noise at varying frequencies but not noise in the form of guitar...more like line noise turned into analogue delay lol. Any how anything you could do would be great...and Thank you. The schematic is great for the board but as far as jack wiring it appears to lack very much detail.
Sorry. It's been busy. I did find one in the shop though so I'll try to open it up today and take some pictures of the jack wiring.
no problems my friend...It's busy at my shop as well...I was just checking with ya...and thank you in advance!!
Here you go. Kind of hard to tell where all the wires go but I'll have it open a few days in case you have any questions. The hole in that shield thing goes on the input jack threads and the flap goes up over the top of the jack. Output jack has one white wire on it. Tuner out jack just has the two wires coming off the input jack. Let me know if you need to know where any wires go. Sorry the pictures are small, it wouldn't let me attach bigger ones. I'll try using Photobucket or something to get bigger pictures for you.
2013-12-17 22.52sm.jpg
2013-12-17 22.54sm.jpg
2013-12-17 22.55sm.jpg
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man i cant thank you enough for the pics...I'm sorry you had to pull it all apart...what a pain in the @#$ it is. I owe you many thanks..now maybe i can get this thing up and running.
Youre gonna love this...The whole thing was wired completely wrong with tip to GND and then wiring the two grounds together with an extra wire thus keeping the circuit closed even when the jack is out!!! I havent made the changes as of yet. I like to document my findings first but the Boss dealer this guy took it to, either found it this way or made it way worse! The pedal fell off the amp when the spring let loose (screw not being seated well) landed on concrete and broke the plug off into the jack. Thats all he took it to this guy for and wound up with a unit that didnt work afterwards. Hopefully i can get it up and running for him b4 his next gig...I'll be in touch if i get it going or not!
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