Hey everybody, I do mixing for money and for my living.

Now if you got good stuff, send it over and I'll mix it for you for free with the hopes that you will consider for donation in the end. Donation could be as low as 5 dollars even.

hear my heavy stuff here:


and my mellow stuff here:

all mixed and recorded by me.

remember, the quality of the mix is straight proportional to the quality of the performance that you provide me with.

PS. I prefer heavy music but ballads and such are also welcome.

Comment here if you have any questions about what material to send and such
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Quote by xFilth
"for free"

"condition of donating money"


well it's not a dead set condition, I'll still mix your stuff wit the hopes that in the end you decide to donate some money. Guess it's fair to call it free because I don't receive the money than start working but rather do the job and leave it up to you to donate
There's plenty of stem packs floating around on the net you can have fun and practice on, until you get some work
I think the reason is that there is an abundance of small studios who will do very good quality work for little to no pay, so you will have to compete at their level in terms of quality and price if you want to make a buck. Until you work up a decent sized portfolio with quality work, there's not really any money to be made.
the thing is I've been doing this for years and I got both quality and the ability to price my work low compared to other studios just due to the fact that I'm outside the US now and the average price for a living here is less than in the US so I can afford working for cheaper.

Now with portfolio, I have huge portfolio happy to send to anybody, all my issues are connected with reaching out to people who're interested in the services.

Anyways, here's a hope some more people will toll in.!
If I may make a suggestion, your drums sound very robotic.
Try giving them a more human velocity.