Basically, think of a movie title, and add one word to make it silly/funny.

Watchmen Fap
Batman Begins College
Schindler's Grocery List
Fantastic Four Skin
Hot Cum Shots
Lost in Chinese Translation

Pretty simple stuff, you may now start.
The Dark Knight Rises.
Halloween 20.
Not-So-Easy Rider.
Taxidermal Driver.
The Mummy Wins.
Tora Tora Tora Olé!
The Self-Sufficient Excorcist.
Godzilla: Atheïst
American Piehole. (much more accurate actually)
Zero Dark Tooth-Thirty.
It's Raining Barnacles
Barnacles Forever
Attack of the Barnacles
Along Came More Barnacles

Not based on any existing movies
Big Dick
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
Pacific Rimjob

/] 三方 [\
Last Tango In Paris, Texas
Bit Much Ado About Nothing
The Last Asian-American Virgin
The Great Escape From Tomorrow
The Go-Kart Driver
Blood Drive
The Italian Blow Job?
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