So, a friend asked me to give him some lessons on acoustic guitar. Of course, I'm not a professional teacher, but I will be going to music college and already know some stuff.
My questions are:
- What should I teach him? He already know the basic chords and can play rather confidently, but knows nothing of theory. I was thinking of starting with the pentatonic scale and teaching intervals and how these basic chords are constructed, and tonalities and all that stuff. Is it too advanced for him?
- I'm not sure about the pentatonics, should I teach him basic soloing if he only has an acoustic?

Anything will help. Since I will probably be a music teacher somewhere along my carreer, I don't want to be a crappy one
I'm not a teacher but I wouldn't teach too much stuff at once. I would first ask him what he wants to learn. If you are going to teach him theory, I think starting with major scale would be better than pentatonic. Major scale is the "basic scale". But yeah, I think intervals, keys and chord construction would be good things to learn first when it comes to theory. They are pretty basic stuff. Oh, and also rhythm. Also remember the sound - when you teach intervals for example, don't only show them on paper. The sound is very important.

Does he want to start soloing? I don't know that much about acoustic soloing but what works on electric doesn't always work on acoustic - you can't sustain notes and bending is harder. I think acoustic soloing would be more chord based than electric soloing. That's also because many times when you play the acoustic, you play alone. Acoustic guitar doesn't really need a band to sound good.

I would also listen to him play and see what could be improved in his playing.
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