I'v been working on new material and one particular song is bugging me.

This song has a riff which I am super proud of, a verse I really love, a really strong bridge and an instrumental I really like to.

But it has a problem. The chorus seems weak. This song has had several choruses in its short life but none of them quite fit right.

Do any of you have any tips on writing a strong chorus into an already otherwise complete song?

I'v even tried having no chorus but that definitely did not work.

Thanks =)
Sounds like every song I ever wrote. Problem is I hate choruses that are designed to be big, showy and catchy. I don't worry too much about it but solutions I've used include:

Having the chorus as a single word, roared with lots of echo.

Having no chorus

Having a trippy chorus where the normal beat of the song is suspended

Having a vocal pre-chorus but a purely instrumental chorus (like Metallica's Fade to Black)
Sounds like the song just isn't supposed to have a chorus. Like the other guy said don't assume you need a chorus after every verse. Yep its kinda standard but there are some awesome songs that don't follow the standard
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Try to elimnate one chord, and add a minor, or a 7 at the end of the phrase. Then turn around after about two runs of that back to the first line of the song. Your favorite run in the tune. Suspend the chord before the end and back to a verse, bridge, or ending. If you don't like to suspend. Use the chord two down from the key, and resolve back up to the key. When you like the chords, then look for a melody in there, higher in the pitch of the chord scale to add emphasis to the chorus. Hold a word out in your voice a longer time in one note, giving it 8 beats instead of 4 over 2 measures instead of one. Think of it as a showcase for your songs best line, not just something to break it up. You can do it. Just keep trying. Your song will come out of your need to hear it right. Hope this helps. Mary
I would say the song may not be meant to have a chorus. In my opinion the chorus is either to leave a lasting message in grained in the listener, afterall the chorus is generally all people remember if you repeat it enough. Or in some cases I feel like people use the chorus for just filler purposes. If you really feel like you have to have a chorus, I would suggest searching through the lines of the song for line or phrase you really like and hope gets to the audience the most, you could always just make it into your chorus. Keep in mind, regardless of how incredibly your verse is, if you make the chorus flashy enough that's what people will think of when they hear the song instead of your verse.
You'll have to remember that segments are interchangeable. With a few adjustments, your riff might be the basis for a chorus. With a certain structure, the "bridge" might even be mistaken for a chorus. Turn things around wildly and keep it when it feels right