Hearing the love inside you when everyone sees hate,
Not letting anyone waver your constant debate.
You saw the world for what it was truly worth,
Your life was destined to be this since birth.
I love you brother until the day I die,
the day I lost you my eyes could not cry.
already in prison within your mind,
now in a prison of a different kind.
Our minds are so in sync the thoughts we shared,
I wish I could have shown you how much truly I cared.
If I encouraged the murder you carried,
I wish I would have kept mine buried.
Never saying a thing to the people outside,
All the truth I know I will always hide.
What you have done was given to you,
With a mother like yours same thing I would do.
Almost committing what you did now,
Wish I could show you the way I stopped somehow.
Nights pass and I stare at my phone,
Hoping it's all a dream and you are home.
No one knows the truth we have,
No one knows you are truly sad.
I will always keep you in my corrupt life,
I wish you would have actually hidden your knife.
Death has not dug into you yet,
A real sentence has not been set.
Goodbye my little brother who was true and loving,
To me you will never be considered nothing.

Once there is real love it can never be stripped away.
Gr'a Deo
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