hey checked out the tracked and really dug it.....the whole vibe of it is great. kinda got that 90s hip hop/r and b vibe. The way the drums come in at 1.25 is awesome. Do you have the guitar sound going through a vibrato or chorus effect? or is it just panned unusually? whatever it is the guitar tone sounds real nice almost sexy. The only thing I could see missing in this track is maybe a rapper but as an instrumental its great too....


I live in the USA. I have a friend whose father is half Japanese & half Dutch, he lived for a long time in Indonesia, moved to Holland, married a German woman (who is my friend's mother), before moving to the USA. Now your tune: nice synths & drums & unique guitar (how did you get that sound?). Audio quality is quite good. Song sounds pretty cool! Please review my music at this link:

Thank you a lot for your words, I appreciate it (:. The guitar that swells in are 4 notes, than panned like you said , recorded on top of each other, and using Ableton I cut off the attack so it swells up.

Really, that's a coincidence. Maybe you can "O-hayo, hoe gaat het met je?" ("good morning" -in japanese, and "how are you"-in dutch) too him (:
Thanks for your words.
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Sorry about the late crit man. I've never heard anything like this man! It sounded like to me, u2 mixed with like techno/hip hop. Overall this is really awesome song! The production was great. Very unique, and original, keep it up man!