Thinking of getting a mxr m80. I want a pedal that can do overdrive but having option of a DI is great since I can use my amp for a monitor.

If I run the m80 --- chorus --- delay... Does the house still pick up the chorus and delay? Not sure how it all works.
no, not with that setup, because the signal is already sent to the house by the time it gets to the chorus. Think of it like this

m80 --- Chorus Pedal --- Delay Pedal
--- Mixer

If your delay had a second output, in this case you want an XLR (trust me, having both makes life easier), you could do that. Putting the chorus and delay, especially the delay, before the dist. is not a good idea sound wise. If you wanted this to be your setup, you'd have to get a separate DI box, or use a second 1/4 inch out from your delay, or even from your amp, though that can have other problems. Micing a bass amp is not really that rewarding tone wise, and is kind of useless, to save you some time
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OK so it might make more sense for me to go...

Overdrive --- chorus --- delay --- di.

I'm not sold on the m80, I've been looking at the mxr bass overdrive as well. I could just get a separate di I guess.